Associations and Resources

CyFrame is proud member of the following associations

The Plastics Industry Association

CyFrame is a proud member of The Plastics Industry Association, formerly SPI, a purpose-driven organization that supports the entire plastics supply chain and works to make the industry more globally competitive.

Society of Plastics Engineers

The Leading Technical Society for the Global Plastics Industry

Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Since 1943, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) has been the trusted national voice and chief advocate for plastics in Canada. The CPIA is dedicated to the growth of plastics businesses and is committed to helping the industry reach its full potential.


ANIPAC, the primary supporter of the plastic sector in Mexico, is dedicated to the promotion of the entire plastics supply chain.


Plastics Industry Manufacturers of Australia is a non-profit organization representing Australian plastics converters

Plastics Today

Plastics Today provides news and in-depth analysis of all aspects of the plastics processing industry, from resin pricing to 3D printing and sustainability.

Plastics processing: A five-step program to improve profits and optimize production

Plastics News

Plastics News, a weekly trade newspaper, delivers global news to a primarily North American market.