B2B Customer Portal

How we help you provide outstanding customer service

Exceed your clients’ expectations and outperform the competition by offering them the ability to perform key activities and access to the information they need. Providing customers with live 24/7/365 self-service option frees up staff time, reduces operating expenses and even fosters greater customer satisfaction. Customers simply log into our secure website to check account balances, view invoices, place orders, download price-lists and check the status of orders.

Top three benefits of providing your customers with a self-service portal

Empower your customers

The proliferation of the Internet means your customers expect a modern service experience. Simply sending an email is no longer enough. Customers want to login to their account, check the status of an order, place new ones, track shipments and review past invoices.

Reduce costs

By helping customers help themselves, a self-service portal can be your secret weapon in reducing costs. Generate concrete operating efficiencies and reduce the demands on your sales associates in performing routine tasks, freeing them up for more strategic work.

Save time for you and your customers

A customer portal allows for a secure and efficient way to get anytime access to information without waiting on return calls or emails. With a few simple clicks, customers can view inventory and place orders themselves—speeding up the ordering process.

The Combined Functionalities of ERP and MES

Self-service is quickly becoming the preferred method of interacting with an organization. With this capability as part of our integrated solution, you easily achieve the capacity to provide order status 24/7 and furthermore help your customers manage their just-in-time inventories while encouraging them to book new orders completely unassisted.

From sales orders to inventory, production status to shipping, CyFrame’s online client access portals, provide your clients with up to the minute information so you can offer superior customer service while facilitating the purchasing experience.

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