Price List Management

Updating prices is a constant factor in the plastics industry

We recognize that the cost of resin continuously fluctuates and that price list and standard costing updates needs to executed efficiently and accurately with the least amount of time and effort. Whether the strategy is to pass along the increase or maintain the same profit margin, CyFrame offers the best tools on the market to recalculate and deliver new updated professional price lists to your customers.

Designed to optimize the customer price list review process

CyFrame was designed to optimize the customer price list review process starting from resin and raw materials from suppliers to set up new standard costs that are then used to recalculate customer price list in advance. A full suite of reports display the cost impact and suggested new pricing along with overall customer profitability to make average price increase decisions.

Our price list review process includes the following features:

  • Readily displays previous unit cost versus new unit cost
  • Shows new suggested price based on same percent margin or cost change only
  • Can automatically apply any amount or percentage increase or decrease
  • Shows all the related freight costs (included or not) in the price
  • Consideration for any discounts and external commissions
  • Allows manual prices to be entered or loaded from Excel
  • Profitability reports can show before and after impact on profit
  • Price Review simulation report (can be printed for further analysis or approval)

Calculating new prices quickly and efficiently is only part of equation

Communicate these new price lists effectively so that customers can plan well in advance. For that purpose, CyFrame offers the following tools:

  • Email or fax Price Lists: System PDF’s are generated automatically and sent individually, by corporate customer or mass dispatch when new price list approved
  • E-Commerce module:Customer self-service option via your corporate website